Friday, 17 October 2014

Lush Haul: Halloween/Christmas 2014

To say I wasn't excited about the Lush Halloween/Christmas releases would be a lie and a pretty big one at that. I have been SO excited and I'm not really sure why. So of course I went into my local Lush the day they were released to pick up the few things I knew I definitely wanted, I then made an order online for some of the items I wish I had picked up but didn't and I then went back into the store this week to get yet more (and would like to point out that I still would like to get the Halloween Pumpkin bubblebar, Lord of Misrule bathbomb and Snow Angel bath melt, eek).

Anyway, I thought I would share what I got!

Top L-R: Dashing Santa bath bomb, Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, Baked Alaska soap, Candy Mountain bubble bar
Bottom L-R: Melting Snowman bath melt, Snowcake soap, Cinders bath bomb, Golden Wonder bath bomb

I couldn't resist the Snowman fun and on my second trip back into store, decided to grab one of the Snow White bath bombs.

I made the mistake last year of only buying the smaller bottle of Snow Fairy, so I had to get the bigger bottle this time around. I did get the smaller bottles of both So White and Hot Toddy though since I haven't used them before..

Speaking of Snow Fairy, I picked up one of the Father Christmas bath bombs since that along with Candy Mountain all have the same scent!

As for the Halloween collection I only picked up two things; Northern Lights bath bomb and the Wizard bubble bar. I ordered Northern Lights online and as you can see, it arrived broken which is a shame..

So that was my little haul of the Lush Halloween/Christmas goodies. 
Have you picked anything up?

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Scrub Series: Soap and Glory - Pulp Friction

I seem to be slowly working my way through all the Soap and Glory scrubs, deciding which ones I like and which ones I'm not too keen on. Today's is Pulp Friction, which is described as a 'foamy fruity body scrub'.

As far as the scrub goes, I really like it. It's sand like texture is really gritty but not too abrasive or harsh, it feels good on your skin and it lathers up really nicely, almost enough to act as a scrub and wash 2-in-1 product. I actually rate this as one of my favourite scrubs I have come across so far. What gets me is the smell, I think I may be getting used to it now but at first I really didn't like it. This may seem harsh but it reminds me of the way that the soap you get in public bathrooms smell. My tube has the new 'Fruitigo Fragrance' to it, so I would have been interested to see what this smelt like before, I assume, they changed it over. Peppermint oil is listed as one of the ingredients (which I would never have guessed had I not read it on the front) and I so wish that it one of a the more dominant scents because then I would absolutely love this scrub! 

One thing that I can never get my head around with S&G are all the funky terms they use for their ingredients that they list on their products - 'lemonade tree liquid' WHAT? 

Anyway.. Have you tried Pulp Friction? Do you like it as much as I do? What about the smell? I'd love to know what you think about it!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts

Since I have started to work out more often recently, I inevitably seem to have constantly sore muscles in some part of my body or the other and particularly, sore knees. So I decided I would try Epsom Salts because I know they are meant to be good for sore muscles and joints and thought maybe this would help with the soreness I feel after I work out. My problem was that I wasn't sure where to actually get any Epsom Salts but then between deciding I wanted some and actually researching where I could pick some up, I was in Debenhams and just happened spot these bath salts from Dead Sea Spa Magik.

Dead Sea Spa Magik is a brand that I have used once before and liked, so I decided to try their version instead. I bought the 1kg bag for £5.50 which I didn't think was too pricey but there was also a smaller bag for £3.50 if you'd be more interested in that. As you can see above, you literally just sprinkle a handful of the salts into your bath and soak depending on exactly what you're using the salts for. I am a little confused about the amount you should use for aching joints and muscles though.. I've just been adding a couple of handfuls to my bath while its running but I have no idea if that is right. I was a bit worried that the salts would all be at the bottom of my bath and be annoying but by the time the bath has finished running and you get in, all the salts are dissolved and I didn't feel any. I was hoping the salts would be scented but they literally just smell like salt, although you can't smell them at all once they're in your bath water.

I find that this is the type of product where it's hard to tell how effective it actually is because I have no way of knowing how achy I would or wouldn't have been had I not used the salts. I haven't noticed much difference though (although, who knows if two handfuls is actually the amount I should be using?) in how much I ache after a work out but I have found that these salts leave my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth which is a nice result all on its own.

Have you tried these bath salts? What did you think? They have sparked my interest into the Dead Sea Spa Magik brand! You can also buy their products in Holland and Barrett. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Favourites

Bit of a different Friday Favourites from me this week, I'm throwing in a couple of non-beauty related things that I have been loving recently too!

Primark Neon Pink PS Polish - I've only just talked about this on my blog a few days ago (click here to see it on) but I just had to mention it again in a favourites because I'm still loving the super bright colour of it and I'm still impressed with how good it is when it only cost £1!

Twistbands - I know twistbands were a huge craze last year but I've been using them since then and I'm still loving them. They're much more comfortable in your hair and don't snag as much as your standard hair bands do. I'm still finding them pretty hard to get in the UK though (I made the ones in the picture myself) but I know Accessorize sold them not too long ago but they were pretty pricey.. I'm waiting for Primark to maybe bring out a cheaper take on them!

Caudalie Hand Lotion - I picked this up as part of a set with one of the Caudalie lip balms and was surprised at how much I liked it, along with the lip balm which I also really liked! It's one of the most quick drying hand lotions I have ever used and since I tend not to use hand creams too often because I hate the sticky feeling that they leave behind, this one is perfect for me.

Infused Water - Infused water is everywhere lately and it's right here too! I just fill a jar/mug with water and stick in a few lemon/lime slices (cherries or cucumber are some other variations I like to do). I find that after a while the lemon or lime start to curl up and then I just switch it out for some new slices. You can put pretty much anything you want into your water but I found that strawberries seem to go mushy really quickly..

Mangajo - I randomly came across these 'detoxing green teas' in Waitrose and fell in love with them! They come in lots of flavours (click here to check them out) but my favourite is the Sicilian Lemon Presse flavour. I'm not a huge fan of iced tea (or even fizzy drinks for that matter) but the taste of it in these is very subtle. They also come in glass bottles which are a non-fizzy alternative but with a motto of 'Happy Healthy Days', you feel like you're drinking something good!

What have you been loving recently?

Earlier Favourites:
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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer Brights - Polish Picks

Summer is finally here and I've been digging around in my nail polish collection to sort out my more brighter shades to wear now that the sun is finally shining and over the course of the summer months..

Sally Hansen Caribbean Coral - I'm not the biggest wearer of coral nail colours but this one leans more on the red side and the slight shimmer, although harder to see on the nail than in the bottle, just give it that extra something for me.

Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink - I'm a sucka for blue-toned pinks and Bubblegum Pink is just that with a subtle silver shimmer to it.

I love the Xtreme Wear line from Sally Hansen, the brushes are longer than most polish brushes which makes for an easy application, they apply nice and smoothly and I find that these are some of the most chip resistant polishes that own. 

OPI Bright Lights Big Colour - One of my all time favourite polish colours and perfect for summer! It has a pretty golden shimmer to it which translates well on the nails

Maybelline MNY 261 - This is the darkest of the shades I've chosen to include but I think the strong blue tone in this one makes it that little more bright and summery!

Barry M Blueberry - As you can see, this one dries a teeny bit streaky which is a shame and unusual for Barry M who are usually always pretty good but for me, the gorgeous blue colour makes up for it and I can forgive the odd streak

Primark (no name) - Trust me when I say that the picture does not do this polish any justice in terms of how bright it is - my camera just couldn't seem to handle the brightness of it and this was the best I could do. If you're looking for a neon pink then this will be it and although it doesn't have a name, if you go looking for this polish in Primark you will be able to spot exactly which one it is. The brush is unfortunately wonky which makes it a pain to apply but for just £1 and for the amazing colour that this is, I'm not going to complain too much.. This is definitely going to be my go to shade for summer!

What colours will you be wearing through the summer? I'd love to know!

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Scrub Series: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Bodyscrub

Phew! Exams are over for me now, which means I'm not spending every spare second I have studying and so I thought I would take this chance to finally start a new series on my blog - the scrub series! I have been really enjoying using body (and face) scrubs recently and I thought why not share my thoughts of them all over here on my blog? As you might have guessed from the picture above, I'm starting it off with Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush scrub! 

Sugar Crush has a similar scent to the Sugar Crush body wash just much stronger (in my opinion) which is a pleasant smell of limes and not at all like the typical Soap and Glory scent. It always puts me in mind of the chocolate lime sweets you can get! It's fairly scrub-worthy but it's incredibly thick which I wasn't too keen on. You have to get this wet otherwise it's just far too thick to spread out over your skin and it doesn't lather very well which is something I like from scrub. I also wish it came in a tube (although, I understand why it dosen't being as thick as it is) because I find the tubs really big and getting water in the tub when I go to scoop some out has become a pet peeve of mine!

Do you like Sugar Crush? What are you favourites scrubs? I'd love to know!

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lush Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser

After looking at it almost every time every time I've been into a Lush over the last few months, I decided to finally pick up the Dark Angels face & body cleanser. 

The cleanser smells like mud (not surprising since it contains mud) which at first, I found a bit off-putting but I was willing to look past that if the product itself worked well. Which for me, it didn't..

Directions tell you to mix the mud/charcoal mixture with water to form a paste and then apply it to your skin. It was easy enough to apply and I found it spread out across my skin nicely but it dries incredibly quickly, so if you want to add more to a certain area of your face, the rest underneath is already dry. I then rinsed it off like I would any other face cleanser/product and looked in the mirror to make sure it was all gone. I found that it had sunk into all of the pores on my face making them look huge and dirty (keep in mind this is a black coloured product) and that I had a pretty big black streak along my jaw and up to my cheek. So, overall it left my face looking dirty and dull. I tried to wipe it off with a wash cloth to no avail and it this point I was worried it had stained my skin! I decided to completely re-wash my face with my normal cleanser and luckily it removed it all.

So, pretty disappointing. I guess this would be okay if you are someone who always double cleanses but I wouldn't recommend this if you don't. Now I really wish I had just ask for a sample of this one before I went straight ahead and bought it! 

I gave half of it to my sister to try and she found the same thing happened to her, so I would love to hear if anyone had the same experience with it as we did..?

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NOTD: Seventeen - Bijoux Baby

Hey guys! Today is another polish that I feel is a lot prettier in real life than how it comes across in pictures. I'm not usually ever a fan of the textured polishes that I see pictures of on-line because they always look too grainy and not something I personally like. While this one from Seventeen is grainy, it's not quite as obvious as how it looks in the pictures and from far away, I don't think you'd be able to easily tell that it doesn't have a smooth finish.

Bijoux baby applies really nicely and evenly and dries to leave a super sparkly blush/pink colour on your nails. It feels rough to the touch like textured polished usually tend to do but I found that it chips like crazy and in huge chunks.. I've found after wearing it for just over one full day, it's chipped more than enough to make me want to take it off which is a shame.

Do you like textured polishes? Have you tried any of this range from Seventeen? They're £3.99 in Boots.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

My First Lush Bath Bombs!

Hey lovelies, Happy Easter!
If you have read much of my blog lately, it's clear to see I'm currently going through a slight (more than slight) obsession with Lush and my most recent purchases, which I had never tried before, were a few of their bath bombs or 'bath ballistics'. I spent a pretty long time in the shop, as I always do, sniffing everything to see which items I like the best and I ended up with these four!

Fluffy Egg - (Part of the Easter collection) I bought this one because I loved the smell of it in the shop and it doesn't disappoint once dissolved into your bathwater either and leaves it a pretty vibrant pink colour. I've since gone back to Lush and picked up a couple more of these because I'm expecting them to be gone pretty soon and love them!

Space Girl - For some reason this one has never really appealed to me but I liked the smell of it and so ended up with it in my basket. Apparently it contains popping candy but had I not read that on the description, I would never have known. Space Girl leaves your bath a purple/pink colour but most importantly it leaves it smelling amazing - I didn't want to use any other bath products in case they masked the smell of it! I also found this one to be one of the more stronger/long lasting smelling bath bombs that I've tried so far.

Secret Garden - While I think this is one of the prettier bath bombs that Lush do (in general appearance and in the way it looks whilst dissolving), I was pretty disappointed. Mine just didn't seem to end up quite as pretty in my bath water as what I have seen in pictures over on Instagram, it also ended up under the running water, so I had to push it out of the way which messed up any pretty-ness that it had made. When I first put this one in, the water just looked dirty but after a while it ended up being quite a deep green colour and it left little flower petals floating about. I expected them to clog the plug or for me to have to wash them all away but they did flow easily away with the rest of the water. The biggest disappointment though was that there was NO smell at all once I put this one into my bath.. So this one was a waste of money for me!

Sakura - I wasn't expecting too much colour wise from this one as after I had bought it I saw other people say it doesn't really change the colour of your water - which it doesn't. Sakura has the same scent as their Rub Rub Rub scrub, which was pretty strongly scented and I could smell it on my skin after I got out. So scent wise, this one is good but colour wise it doesn't do anything!

Do you call them bath bombs or bath ballistics? Which are your favourites from Lush?

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring Time Pastels

OPI - You're Such a Budapest, OPI - Pink Friday, Essie - Pink A Boo 

The sun is shining and my favourite flowers are in bloom, so even though we have officially been in spring for a while now, it's finally starting to feel like spring too. I definitely reach for pastels and bright colours when the weather warms up but I can never go too long without reverting back to a dark purple or maroon colour on my nails, even in the middle of summer. I do enjoy digging through my collection to find the lighter or brighter shades I wouldn't normally wear during the winter though and always look forward to see which pastel shades nail polish brands bring out each year!

What are you favourite colours to wear when the sun is shining?

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